Hippie Fanny Packs, Moon Bags, Waist Bags Online

Hemp & Cotton Fanny Packs, Moon Bags

Hippie fanny packs, moon bags, side bags from Nepal 

If you grew up in the 80's & 90's and thought this fashion craze was gone for good? Think again. Moon Bags are back .... and big time. Our recent sales of these babies have been proof of that. Whether you wear them around your waist, shoulder or neck, it looks like this old school trend is back to stay. Also known as a fanny pack, or waist bag, this accessory is currently been worn by celebrities the world over. Jump on the moon bag bus people.

They're convenient, trendy & allow you to have your hands free so you get the maximum out of this accessory. Use them to store your cell phone, purse, car keys and small items that you simply cannot find while scrounging around in a big bag

Hemp Moon Bags, Cotton Moon Bags 

Choose from pure hemp, or highly durable cotton, these moon bags can be slung over your shoulder or across your chest at a music festival, concert or market. Our multi pocket cotton moon bags allow easy access to all those small goodies that just scatter around and get lost in a shoulder bag. Get your hippie on with a pure hemp moon bag and enjoy free delivery in South Africa. We stock plain hemp, tie dyed hemp, or why not opt for a mix of hemp & woven cotton. Love them or hate them, moon bags have made a major comeback and it looks like they are here to stay