Frequently asked questions

Have any questions? Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions

What distinguishes you from other companies exporting from Nepal?
There is a saying in Nepal "same, same but different". Most shops and online sellers seem to sell very similar designs. We try and redesign or create new designs for individuals looking for something unique. We do also have items that are common, but we would preface that by saying, those items are popular and there is a demand for them. We feel our range is different and that you will appreciate the fact that you have sourced something that is not "same, same but different"! 
Do you have a minimum order?
There is no minimum order. You are welcome to order 1 item or more if you like
How does your sizing work?
Our tops and dresses are all measured across the chest from under one arm, to under the other. To get the full bust measurement, just double the width that you see on a product. EG: If a top says the chest is 58 cm, then all around the bust it will be 116 cm. The same applies to waist measurements on our pants and skirts.
Top and dress lengths are measured from the collar area down to the bottom. Pants lengths are measured from the waist down to the bottom
Most of our clothing is a small cut so please take note of the measurements before you purchase
Why does your pricing change so often?
We are in the import trade and therefore all our prices are determined by the Rand/Dollar exchange rate at the time we place our order in Kathmandu. Some prices will be affected by this as well as price increases by our suppliers in Nepal
What payment options do you offer?
Our store accepts easy & secure payments via PayFast & EFT
What are your shipping costs?
Shipping is free in South Africa no matter how many items you order. However, if you require overnight or door to door delivery, extra cost will be charged. Please see below for more info. 
Which courier do you use?
We use Postnet courier. If you have a postnet near you, supply us with the name of the branch & your order will be shipped to that branch. In the case where you do not have a postnet in your area, we will send it via the SA Post Office. Please be aware that the post office is slow and unreliable.
Can i use my own courier?
Yes, you are welcome to use your own courier. You will need to inform us of your intention to do that and let us know when to expect them to pick up our order. You will have to pay the cost when sending your own courier.
How long will my order take to get to me?
Everything on our website is in stock so we will just pack it up and send it off as soon as we receive your order. The SA Post Office normally deliver in 5-16 working days. Weekends & public holidays are not counted. If you use your own courier, they will have to inform you of a delivery time. Postnet is 2-3 working days. Please allow 1 extra day for outlying areas
Do you offer overnight delivery?
Yes we do. Overnight delivery via postnet to door will however be an extra charge of R100 up to 2 kgs. An extra R75 will be charged for every kg thereafter. You can pay this extra cost by searching "shipping" on our site and adding that to your cart.  
Do you sell to customers outside of South Africa?
No, we don't but we do have an international wholesale website. We will however try to accommodate you if you are in a neighbouring country of South Africa. If you have a store outside of SA & would like to stock our products, visit https://www.himalayanhandmades.com
Are you looking at getting a bigger range?
As our cash flow builds up, we will add new items to our range for 2023/2024 so watch this space.
Are you going to increase your range to include other products from Nepal?
We are essentially in the rag trade however Nepal has so much more to offer and so YES, we are going to diversify.
Have any other questions that are not mentioned here?
Email us at colleen@himalayanhandmades.co.za and we will gladly answer it for you