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Hemp & Cotton Hats


Our hippie bohemian range of hats and head gear have been a huge hit and have sold like hotcakes. In the very near future, we will be launching a brand new range of the funkiest hats in South Africa. If you're curious, just keep checking in. We're super-excited to unveil our next collection soon. - SIT TIGHT

If you add one of these to your cart, then hats off to you. Make the wearing of a hat become an art. Our unique and unusual range are made with free thinkers in mind. Whether you wear it to make a fashion statement, to cover your head or to simply keep the sun out of your eyes, our head gear will turn heads.

Hats have been around for centuries and have adorned the heads of soldiers, statesmen, royalty etc and can be worn for various reasons. Why not wear ours to show your individuality. Our hemp and cotton safari style hats have been popular among guys and girls and is ideal to wear on the golf course, or just lazing around by the pool