Hippie Bohemian Gallery

From Nepal with Love: Unveiling our Gallery of Handmade Hippie Bohemian Clothing and Accessories

Welcome to the vibrant world of Himalayan Handmades South Africa, where the spirit of Nepal meets the free-spirited bohemian style! Prepare to be captivated by our gallery of imported hippie bohemian clothing & accessories that will transport you to a realm of colorful self-expression and undeniable charm.

Let's start our journey with the mesmerizing collection of hippie ponchos. Each poncho we offer tells a story, crafted with love and care by skilled artisans in Nepal. Adorned with intricate patterns and lively hues, these ponchos effortlessly blend warmth and style, ensuring you stay cozy and fashionable on your adventures.

Hippie Clothing

 Himalayan Poncho    Shawl Hippie Ponchos

Gheri Hippie Poncho Woven Cotton Poncho

Festival Hippie Poncho   Ladies Hippie Poncho

Men's Hippie Poncho









Next, our assortment of pants will have you twirling with joy! From wide-legged wonders to vibrant harem pants, these bohemian treasures embrace comfort without compromising on flair. As you browse through the images, feel the freedom these pants offer, allowing your spirit to dance and your creativity to soar.

Hippie Short Pants  Hippie patch pants

Patchwork Hippie Pants  Patchwork Hippie Short Pants

No bohemian ensemble is complete without our enchanting backpacks and bags. Imagine yourself exploring far-off lands, with one of our unique, handcrafted backpacks slung over your shoulder. Perfect for carrying your essentials, these bags showcase intricate detailing and bold colours, making a statement wherever you go.


Prepare to snuggle up in our cozy hoodies that exude hippie-chic vibes. As you gaze upon the images, you can almost feel the softness of the fabric against your skin. Whether you're lounging at home or heading out for a festival, our hoodies will keep you warm and stylish, effortlessly merging comfort and fashion.

Rainbow Hippie Hoodie       Long Hippie Hoodie

Hippy Hoodie

For the bohemian goddesses, our collection of skirts and dresses will ignite your inner free spirit. Flowing with grace and elegance, these pieces capture the essence of the hippie lifestyle. Feel the breeze against your skin as you twirl and embrace the magic that unfolds when you wear our bohemian dresses and skirts.

Bohemian Dress      Hippie clothing

But it doesn't stop there! Our gallery also showcases the mesmerizing singing bowls, a must-have for those seeking serenity and tranquility. Each bowl resonates with a harmonious melody, creating a soothing atmosphere that washes away stress and invites inner peace.

Singing Bowl

 Buying Singing Bowls in Nepal

At Himalayan Handmades South Africa, we take pride in curating a collection that embodies the essence of Nepal's rich craftsmanship and the free-spirited nature of the bohemian lifestyle. Each item has been carefully chosen to ensure quality, authenticity, and a touch of whimsy.

So, dive into our gallery and immerse yourself in the world of hippie bohemian fashion. Let our images inspire your next style adventure, as you embrace the uniqueness and playfulness that our clothing and accessories bring. Join our tribe of free spirits and spread the bohemian love across South Africa!

Remember, when you choose Himalayan Handmades South Africa, you're not just buying clothing; you're embracing a way of life, celebrating individuality, and expressing your true self with every step you take.