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Shopping for bohemian clothes

So, you got the sudden urge to go on a hippie clothing shopping spree in Bedfordview but discover, to your horror, that there are no suppliers of bohemian clothing in your area. Not even at the Eastgate Shopping Centre. Keep calm and shop here. We have the perfect fix for your online shopping urge. Get spoiled for choice with our range of hippie-chic dresses, harem pants and a great deal more. It's time to buy now or cry later. Life is short so make every hippie outfit count. All our products are imported from the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and handcrafted by skilled artisans. 

Hippie hoodies

Enhance your style now. Our bold, unique hoodies will make you look good on the outside and feel great on the inside. Get shopping now. It's cheaper than therapy->->Himalayan Handmades

 Bohemian dresses

Be unique, be brave, be divine. We promise comfort in our free flowing tie dye dresses. A true style indulgence for your inner goddess

Harem Pants

It's hard to be nice if you don't feel comfortable. Be your beautiful best in our super comfy harem pants. Arguably one of our best sellers all year round. Whether you use them for yoga or just for the plain comfort of them, either way, try it, wear it, love it

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Eastgate Shopping Mall

According to Wikipedia,the name "Bedfordview" came about as the result of a competition. A girl who won the competition thought there was a nice view from Bedford Farm. "Bedford View" (two words) was then registered. Over the years the name has contracted to one word. On 24 February 1926, the suburb officially obtained its name. 

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Place your online order here ->->Himalayan Handmades and we will ship it to your nearest postnet branch in Bedfordview at no extra cost. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries. Were here to help

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