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Hippie Bohemian Dresses


Our hippie bohemian dresses have been a huge hit and have sold like hotcakes. In the very near future, we will be launching a brand new range of the funkiest dresses in South Africa. 

If you're curious, just keep checking in. We're super-excited to unveil our next collection soon. - SIT TIGHT

Our unique collection of boho dresses are all imported directly from Nepal, and brought You you in South Africa at retail prices online. Check out our range of hippie dresses that will make you want to go forth and be fabulous. We constantly add extraordinary bohemian and boho designs to our online clothing store. Shop at Himalayan Handmades now for an amazing shopping experience.
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Buy our summer dresses made under fair trade practices since 1992.

Hippie dresses

Radiate positive vibes in our stunning range of hippie dresses. Our unique collection of hand crafted maxi dresses are sure to give your wardrobe a boost and keep you looking fabulously hippie on the outside and inside. Feast your eyes on our hippie-chic, bohemian style tie dye summer dresses with bold flower prints. Each bohemian-chic dress is made with absolute care by skilled artisans in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal.

Boho, bohemian dresses

Our boho inspired razor cut dresses are made from 100% cotton and are sure to add a bit of gypsy flare to your wardrobe. The vibrant, colourful hand crafted fabrics make our bohemian clothing among the most unique in South Africa.

Pair our bohemian dresses with a wide brimmed hat for a touch of chic and complete your hippie outfit. Get noticed where ever you go